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Author Sierra A Elliott


Sierra A. Elliott is the author of When the Rivers Swell, a Christian historical fiction about the Exodus.

When the Rivers Swell

Top Seller in Biblical Fiction

Hannah is a Hebrew farmer’s daughter who finds herself mixed up with a dangerous group of rebels plotting to free her people from Egyptian slavery. In the midst of conflict, Hannah grapples with the choice to either trust in God’s perfect timing or to join the rebels in taking things into their own hands.

Meanwhile, Anipe’s wealthy, Egyptian family has just moved the ancient city of Pi-Ramesses, unaware of the growing upheaval. Things go from bad to worse when a mysterious man named Moses arrives from the desert and calls down a series of deadly plagues with Godly proportions.

After the two girls meet, their unlikely friendship is tested by an opportunity for betrayal. Hannah and Anipe must decide whether they will cling together for salvation or see it all end in disaster.

When the Rivers Swell Christian Historical Fiction
Sierra A. Elliott Biblical Fiction Author

"Art is a reflection of God's creativity,

an evidence that we are made in the image of God."

Francis Schaeffer

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