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Author Sierra A Elliott


Sierra A. Elliott is the author of When the Rivers Swell, a Christian fiction series about the Exodus.

When the Rivers Swell Series

Top Seller in Biblical Fiction

Fans of Christian historical fiction will love this series about the Exodus from Egypt. *Can be read as standalone novels.*

Book 1: To survive the biblical Exodus plagues, Egyptian Anipe must rely on Hebrew Hannah, despite their vastly different cultures threatening their friendship. As Anipe questions her place as an outsider to God's chosen people, Hannah is thrust into a rebellion that disregards God's plan of salvation.

Book 2: After fleeing Egypt with the Hebrews for a chance at a better life, Egyptian street girl Seshat thinks she’s leaving her past crimes behind. But, as she quickly finds, some crimes aren’t easily shaken... that is until a young Hebrew shepherd introduces her to the idea of grace.

When the Rivers Swell series
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"Art is a reflection of God's creativity,

an evidence that we are made in the image of God."

Francis Schaeffer

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