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About the Author

When I was 17, God called me to write. I saw a vision of a hand  holding a quill, and ever since, I’ve worked to carry out that call.

When the Rivers Swell is my debut novel that was Amazon's #1 New Release in Religious Biblical Fiction in Feb 2023. It continues to be a top seller.

Although biblical fiction is what I currently write, I may have a Christian contemporary idea up my sleeve! Regardless of the genre, my aim is to bring biblical truths to life through literature.

You can read on below or visit the My Testimony page. Plus, follow me on social! 

Author, Sierra A Elliott
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Life Is Defined by a Series of Moments

Although born in Ohio, I am now a Floridian as well as a wife and dog mom to my Cavalier pup, Rudy. Outside of books, my passions include art, gardening, and horseback riding. When it rains, I become an avid gamer, but I also love being out in nature.

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